Zelda: Breath of the Wild in over 200 screenshots

I’m a bigger fan of Zelda: BotW than my game time would suggest, but I can’t hold a candle to these guys.

My partner and I sunk hundreds of hours into Zelda BotW, and enjoyed every minute. I wanted to immortalize our playthrough somehow, and the Hero's Path DLC feature gave me an idea for how to do it. I used the Switch's screenshot feature and Photoshop's photomerge tool to recreate the entire map with our entire playthrough trail overlayed on top of it. After painstakingly saving, cropping, merging, troubleshooting, and tweaking over 200 screenshots, I finally got a result I was proud of. The final map printed at 16x20 at 300 dpi with no problem, and it looks fantastic on my game room wall. Thank you Nintendo for an amazing adventure that I'll never forget!

Check the gallery out for the images - it’s a brilliant idea and one that turned out even better than anyone could have imagined. Who said games aren’t art?