How Launch Center Pro helps me use Chrome instead of Safari in iOS

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It may be much improved in its latest iteration, but I still don't get along with Safari, either on iOS or the Mac. As a result, I use Chrome across all the platforms that give me a choice, so that's my Macs at home as well my iPhone and iPad. The Windows machines at work aren't my call, so I'm using IE9 there. Yes, you read that right.

Of course, where the Mac lets users choose their default browser at will, forcing all clicked links to open wherever we want, iOS isn't quite as accommodating. And I click a lot of links.

Now granted, some iOS apps now let you choose where links are launched independently of what iOS wants to do. Tweetbot is one example of that, and Google's own apps feature such an option too. But not all apps do, especially apps like Mail. And they probably never will.

Back in the day I rocked a jailbroken iPhone, which thanks to a tweak that was available in Cydia made this super easy. Now I'm no-longer of that world, and using iOS 7, I needed a way of getting links into Chrome without having the launch the app, open a new tab, switch focus to the URL bar and then paste something in. It might not sound like that much of a hassle, but it is.

At least to me.

Thankfully, I have Launch Center Pro installed, which means there's a way around this whole sordid mess. And it's not too bad at all.


As I've ever so helpfully highlighted above, I created a Launch Center1 Pro action that takes whatever is on the clipboard and opens it in a new tab in Chrome. The action itself is ridiculously easy to make, and making the magic happen afterwards is as simple as copying the URL your want to open from wherever you found it and then launching LCP before tapping the action icon. Simple, and quick.


It's certainly not rocket science, but my hassle-free way of launching web pages in my favourite iOS web browser is just one of the things that makes LCP so useful. There are countless posts around the web showing just what crazy things the app can be made to do, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the likes of Macdrifter and MacStories

Be careful though - once you start, you might not be able to stop!

  1. The app's spelling, not mine! 

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