The many iPads of Federico Viticci

Federico only has the one in-use — I think! — iPad Pro, but the ways in which it can be used is a great example of its versatility. It's like he has multiple machines, but they're all rolled into one 12.9-inch slab of glass and metal.

The opening few lines of the latest instalment in his ongoing "iPad Diaries" series sums it up perfectly.

One of my favorite aspects of working on the iPad is the flexibility granted by its extensible form factor. At its very essence, the iPad is a screen that you can hold in your hands to interact with apps using multitouch. But what makes iPad unique is that, unlike a desktop computer or laptop, it is able to take on other forms – and thus adapt to different contexts – simply by connecting to a variety of removable accessories.

The iPad, whether Pro or not, may not be what the future of computing turns out to be, but this idea of one machine that does everything depending on the accessories it's connected to and the scenario it is thrust into, is what we need computing to become as we hurtle towards 2020 and beyond. Computing, with the iPad and Surface lines, feels like it's on the precipice of a sea change that's still being held back by poor software choices and some questionable hardware decisions. We're getting there, but that also means that we're not there yet.

With iOS 13's likely arrival at WWDC in mid-2019, we might see the iPad take a huge step towards what we all want — a tablet that works how you want it to, when you want it to, without seemingly arbitrary limitations thrown in for no good reason.

Apple, I'm looking at you and the ridiculous USB-C storage situation you've created. 😡

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