The death of the-iBlog

If anyone reading this remembers the day I started on the whole 'writing stuff on the internet' thing, you'll remember the first site I set up. Long before there was this domain ( there was the blog's original home:

The reason behind the name was simple. It was a blog. About Apple stuff. It was an iBlog.


I couldn't get the domain name, so that's where the 'the' came from, just in case you were wondering.

The site did nothing, it looked abysmal and I finally killed it a few years ago. These days I don't think I even own the domain name. But I do own the Twitter name...mainly because I can't get the one I want!


I even have (well, had, finally) an icon made that was the old Mac Pro mesh effect with 'iB' written over it. At the time it seemed like a good idea, and I used it everywhere. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Today, I killed it. The icon's gone forever.

I've been trying to rid myself of that failed website for years. Now I'm finally doing it. All my social network accounts (I've not not done Google+ yet, actually. Wonder how that slipped my mind) now have a picture of me instead of a logo. Yes, that's me. Beard and all.


You're welcome.

Yes, it means you probably won't recognise my stuff in your feeds for a while and, if I'm honest, neither will I. It's a change that needed to be made though, and we'll all get used it to eventually!

I'm still trying to come up with a way of killing the @theiBlog Twitter handle, too. Suggestions welcome, especially if you happen to work at Twitter and can get @oliverhaslam released seeing as it's never been used!

So long the-iBlog. And good riddance.