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This is what went into making Twitter Video

I've followed Paul's work for a good while now, including the spell where he seemed to be working on a different startup each week. Now he's at Twitter, and he's the guy that designed the new Twitter Video feature.

In this article, I will provide a sneak peek into my design process for Twitter Video. This is not yet another boring sketches and mockups iteration article. Why is that? Because we truly embraced prototyping.

Turns out it took a bit of work.

Paul Stamatiou

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More than a Twitter name

I wrote yesterday about how I'd completed the final stage of my metamorphosis from @theiBlog to @OliverJHaslam. After years of trying to ditch the name of the site I tried to make a go of way back when, I finally changed all my profile pictures and ditched the Twitter handle. The website and email address went long ago, so this was well overdue.

Since then, someone has taken the @theiBlog Twitter handle for themselves, which they are obviously entitled to do. They've created a Medium blog for it too, and they've made a point to tell everyone that they're not me. From what I can see, they're not trying to impersonate me at all.

But that hasn't stopped people asking if I'd considered re-registering @theiBlog following my change of name, with the aim being to stop anyone using it.

In all honesty, it never crossed my mind.

When I wrote about killing my old persona, I mentioned that I was trying to get @OliverHaslam, but couldn't. The person with that account has never used it, so while they clearly don't want it, I couldn't have it either. And that's irritating.

If I'd created a new Twitter account using @theiBlog, I'd have been doing the same thing. The account would have sat dormant, doing nothing other than acting as a crude redirect to my new Twitter page. While it would have saved any potential misuse of that account, and meant that I could have managed the situation if anyone tried to contact me via it, it wouldn't have been right. Well, to me anyway.

So here we are. There's a new @theiBlog, and he or she is welcome to it. I'm not going to go and re-buy the-iBlog.com either, so if they want that, they know where to find it.

Since I started out I've been able to write for some of the biggest (outside the top four or so, anyway) tech and iOS sites around. I've written for Macworld, too. I'd like to think I'm more than a Twitter handle.

Over the coming weeks, I guess we'll find out just how true that really is.


It's done

When I wrote about killing off the-iBlog a few days ago, the last sticking point was my Twitter name.

After trying to find a way of getting the username I wanted - it's already taken, but it's never actually tweeted - I gave in and went with what my wife suggested. That meant that I could finally kill @theiBlog, and I flipped the switch a few hours ago.

@theiBlog is dead. Long live @OliverJHaslam.

I'll let you guess what the J stands for.

See you over there.


Federico Viticci's standout Tweetbot 3 review

There's been a lot written about Tweetbot's 3.0 update this week, and the vast majority of it has been complimentary. And with good reason1.

…the app’s About screen provides a concise and clever summary of Tapbots’ new focus and philosophy: the young scientist who operated a welding gun to craft the original Tweetbot is replaced by a grown-up version that, Minority Report-style, calculates the proportions of the new app icon on a floating, transparent display. The tone is more serious – futuristic, perhaps…

By far the best review I've read, and certainly the most comprehensive has to be Federico Viticci's over at Macstories.

Read it. Now.


  1. That reason? Because it's awesome. 

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