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When iOS 7's background magic eats data

...so in my initial iOS 7 update I experimented with adding highly frequent background updates. The result was far more dramatic than I’d expected. Here are my weather API requests (which cost 0.01¢ per request) per day once the update went live. I saw an immediate jump in traffic, roughly 16x normal. Suffice to say I immediately had to scale back on my requested update frequency.

I bet he did.

David Smith

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Want to downgrade from iOS 7? Tough.

If you've upgraded to iOS 7 and don't like it, then *tough!*


Bad news this evening for anyone hoping to downgrade from iOS 7 to a lower firmware. It appears that Apple is no longer signing iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 for a majority of its devices, effectively terminating their ability to downgrade. Ruh-roh.


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How long have timers done this in iOS 7?

Have I just completely missed that until now?


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