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So. Many. Games.

Sales, plus big updates to games I already had has left me with lots of AAA iOS games to get through.

So many games

I need more time. Where to start!?

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Oceanhorn now looks even more lovely


Oceanhorn has always been a gorgeous game, but now it's even more so in the latest update, optimized for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and iPad Air 2. The visuals feature four times the polygons on these latest devices, with ambient occlusion, and new lighting effects to make everything look pristine.

Good God, just look at it. I've always liked Oceanhorn on my iPad mini 2. Kind of wish I had an Air 2 or 6 Plus to try the update on now. Yes it's updated on the iPhone 6 too, but it's not as big!

Touch Arcade

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Alien Isolation looks awesome in super duper HD

It's probably relatively safe to say that this is the best looking game I've seen in a long while, if not ever.

Be sure to whack the quality settings as far up as your display will allow.

Courtesy of @robbiekhan


Mad Catz might have solved the iOS controller problem

Right now the iOS 7 game controller market is a bit of a mess, with none of the options available really hitting the mark. With this though, Mad Catz might be changing all that.

Let's hope so.


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The art of cloning games - good or bad?

Ok, so 'cloning' may be a little harsh, but the question posed by Touch Arcade is a valid one. How do you feel about games that draw heavily from others to the point of almost being the same game?

Oceanhorn is the example given.

But it would be nearly impossible for someone familiar with Zelda games to look at Oceanhorn and not immediately think "Zelda." The overall look is extremely similar in terms of the environments and main character. The sailing mechanic is very much like that found in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Heck, even throwing clay pots around evokes strong Zelda feelings, even though I've seen that used in tons of similar games before. The question is, is it too much?

Touch Arcade

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