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A day in the life of HomeKit

Speaking of home automation, if you really want to see what a house of the future can do then this is a great post by Kris Van de Sande, showing how he goes about his day with HomeKit powering his house. There has clearly been some money thrown at this solution, but it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to the future, or plain old magic, without there being cupboards full of rack-mounted switches, patch panels and blinking lights.

Currently we have 40 hue light sources spread around the house. Add that with a dozen more accessories, sensors and triggers, this has been a serious investment over the years. And some might say I have over-done it with seven lights in my small office, or five lights in the bedroom but by spreading out several lights, the technology allows me to set a scene very effectively.

I have four lights so far. I have some catching up to do!


The ultimate smart apartment

I’m only just starting to get my toes wet in the word of home automation - we have some bulbs, that’s about it - but this video shows what kinds of things are possible when you throw something like a Logitech Harmony Hub into the mix. Impressive stuff, and I can’t help but think this is going to end up costing me money!

Check the video out and hide the credit card when you do...