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I'm told journaling is supposed to help.

This originally started out as an entry in Day One. Then I thought maybe it would work here. You be the judge.

I keep reading that writing in a journal is supposed to help.

Help with stress. Help with planning. Help with working out all those little mysteries that surround us in our daily lives.

It's supposed to just, 'help.'

I've tried to get into journalling plenty of times in the past. I even spent a few days setting up Brett Terpstra's Slogger which goes off, pulls in all kinds of data about songs I've listened to and what I've posted across the internet and then puts it into Day One.

So far, it's never stuck.

Oh yeah. Day One. It's meant to be pretty awesome. I bought it on the Mac and iOS because, well, journaling is meant to 'help.'

So here I am, again, typing into a journaling app, saying that I'm going to journal more. Because it's going to 'help.' I'm not sure what with yet, but any kind of help is good help, right?

I'm hoping it'll do everything people tell me it will. I'm hoping it help me make better decisions, not obsess over things that don't need obsessing over and generally be better at being me.

I'm very good at obsessing over things by the way. Normally I like to do that in the shower, but water's not free and it costs nothing to type. My long showers are the thing of legend now too, so maybe it's time to find an alternative.

So yeah. Journaling.


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Photo editing with Exposure

I've been playing wound with Exposure on iOS and I have to say it's capable of kicking out some pretty impressive images. Take the two below as examples - I spent just a couple of minutes on each and I'm sure people with more patience and know-how will be able to do much, much better stuff.



Not too bad at all, really.

Exposure can manipulate specific areas of a photo in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. I've always fancied doing things like selective colour removal but never had a tool or the knowledge to do it. Exposure makes it simple and it's super cheap, too.

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Mass-delete iOS screenshots with Screeny

I take a lot of screenshots on my iPhone and iPad on a daily basis. Before I upgraded to a 64 GB iPhone 6, that was a problem

You'd be surprised how quickly screenshots start to take real space up. This app means you can quickly and easily delete the lot of them regularly.


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Is independent app development really so depressing?

It certainly seems so. From Jared Sinclair, the developer behind the seemingly popular Unread RSS reader:

Unread for iPhone has earned a total of $32K in App Store sales. Unread for iPad has earned $10K. After subtracting 40 percent in self-employment taxes and $350/month for health care premiums (times 12 months), the actual take-home pay from the combined sales of both apps is $21,000, or $1,750/month.

Certainly seems grim considering all the work and time that will have gone into making Unread.


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The things I use

Everyone seems to have one of these pages now, so here's mine.

If you've ever wondered what hardware and software I use on a daily basis, here's you answer.

Things I use