Pinboard is changing its pricing model

I use Pinboard a lot, and signed up a while ago. Then, and until January 1st, the price of a standard account was and is about $10, with the price increasing for new members by ridiculously small amount with each new signup. It wasn't rocket science.

Or at least I didn't think it was.

Starting next month, all new users of Pinboard will pay a yearly sub which works out more expensive than just buying it outright like you can now. Turns out that's actually how people thought it worked already!

My main reason for making the change is so that I don't have to keep explaining how pricing works. An astonishing number of people already believe that they're paying annually for Pinboard. Others accuse me of baiting and switching them when they upgrade to archiving and get a renewal notice. Note how much easier it is to describe the new policy than the old one.

People really do worry me. They're allowed to reproduce, for starters.

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