If you've made it this far, then the chances are you know who I am by this point. If not, here's the rundown.

By day I help support information technology systems for a large health provider which means I end up working with all kinds of things ranging from Windows Server boxes to Citrix XenApp implementations with all-sorts in-between.

By night I write for a few iOS and technology websites as well as throw all kinds of nonsense onto Twitter, which is probably how you ended up here. If you want to keep abreast of what I'm whinging about today, you can follow my general goings-on here:


Twitter - It's Twitter. That's it really.

Google+ - not my favourite place to hang out, if only because the iOS app never seems to behave itself long enough for me to really take to it. Still, if it floats your boat, feel free to reach out there.

RedmondPie - where I write about technology in general.

iDownloadblog - where I write about iOS. I also tend to rant about things that annoy me in the world of Apple and the App Store.