My comic dilemma


So I'm hooked. After years of deriding them, I'm into comics. I refuse to call them 'comic books,' but yeah, they're not as childlike as I thought.

I hold my hands up.

The problem is, now that I'm into a few franchises, I'm finding some collections, some issues are cheaper at Amazon (Kindle) than Comixology and vice-versa. That's left me with a dilemma.

Like everyone with an affinity for order, I wanted to have all my comics in one place, and that place was Comixology. Thanks to Saga in particular being considerably cheaper on Kindle, that's just not going to happen.

After being left with the choice of having everything in one place and paying more, or using the Kindle and Comixology apps for different comics but saving money, I've gone the cheapskate route.

But, in order to try and keep my imaginary OCD at bay, I need a way to keep everything organised. A way to know what is where, and so forth. I need a big list.

So that's what I'm making. I'm writing it in Markdown and syncing it to this site in case anyone finds it remotely interesting.

That, and I need content!

So, with all that said, it's over here. Have at it.