Music (apparently) sounds different depending on which disk drive it's stored on

I've read this thrice now. I can't decide whether it's tongue-in-cheek or not.

TL;DR version: Someone decided they could tell the difference between music tracks played back on one NAS and the same tracks played back on another.

I shit you not.

Penguin Café Orchestra's Union Café has an altogether more natural recorded acoustic. On Scherzo and Trio QNAP1 promoted the leading edge piano transients, following through with a lighter, brighter instrument tone – possibly Steinway-like? The same piano had more lower mid body on QNAP2 and slightly softer hammer impact, perhaps more like a Bosendörfer.

That hint of glaze on QNAP1 also showed an impaired subjective noise floor elsewhere. In hi-fi parlance, QNAP2 had the blacker silences and deeper spaces between notes. If anything, this track highlighted a fundamental shift in timbre between the storage sources. This wasn't the gentle tweak of a DAC's digital filter option; we felt it was more akin to changing loudspeakers. System sound was improved as if the DAC itself had been upgraded, say from a £500 to a £2000 model.

This is a wind up, surely. Read the whole thing. It's long, it's wordy and, importantly, a load of rubbish.

Also, why I can't have a serious conversation with an audiophile.

Enjoy the Music

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