Learning iOS automation with Launch Center Pro & Drafts

So, not content with having a go at the whole paperless thing, I now find myself trying to get my head around some iOS automation thanks to Launch Center Pro and Drafts.


If I'm honest, I stumbled upon Drafts mainly because I was looking for a good app that I could use for taking quick notes on my iPhone. It was only when I got the thing installed that I realised that it did all kinds of weird and wonderful things via URL schemes and that it could tie into other apps as a form of automation. That reminded me of when I tried Launch Center Pro months ago, so I installed that again, too.

So here we are. I've got both apps installed, and I'm Googling like a mad man, trying to get my head around what the pair of apps can do, especially when thrown into the mix together.

I'm actually struggling to work out what each app can do better than the other, and which is best suited to certain tasks at the moment. I'll get there eventually. Either that, or I'll get bored and give up.

I'm actually curious what other people are doing with either app, so if you're an iOS automation guru then please do comment or get hold of me via one of the many other places I live online!

I'll report back once I've got to grips with either app - right now I'm off to do some more reading!

Image: The Verge

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