I'm told journaling is supposed to help.

This originally started out as an entry in Day One. Then I thought maybe it would work here. You be the judge.

I keep reading that writing in a journal is supposed to help.

Help with stress. Help with planning. Help with working out all those little mysteries that surround us in our daily lives.

It's supposed to just, 'help.'

I've tried to get into journalling plenty of times in the past. I even spent a few days setting up Brett Terpstra's Slogger which goes off, pulls in all kinds of data about songs I've listened to and what I've posted across the internet and then puts it into Day One.

So far, it's never stuck.

Oh yeah. Day One. It's meant to be pretty awesome. I bought it on the Mac and iOS because, well, journaling is meant to 'help.'

So here I am, again, typing into a journaling app, saying that I'm going to journal more. Because it's going to 'help.' I'm not sure what with yet, but any kind of help is good help, right?

I'm hoping it'll do everything people tell me it will. I'm hoping it help me make better decisions, not obsess over things that don't need obsessing over and generally be better at being me.

I'm very good at obsessing over things by the way. Normally I like to do that in the shower, but water's not free and it costs nothing to type. My long showers are the thing of legend now too, so maybe it's time to find an alternative.

So yeah. Journaling.


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