Using an iPad for "real" work

This is something that I feel like I have managed to run both hot and cold on over the past few years and I too spent some time using an iPad as my sole machine. These days I'm all about the MacBook Pro and 27-inch 4K monitor so I am just not sure I could go iPad full time, but the apps and ecossytem sure make me want to try it again. Being able to use apps like 1Writer - Markdown Text Editor and Drafts 5 full time sound amazing.

Matt's been doing exactly that.

Can I let you in on a little secret? When it comes to “iPads can do real work,” I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I have been using an iPad for 99% of my website and design work at home (including the redesign of this website a few months ago), I have been working on a Dell laptop at my 9-5 job. In the past week, that’s starting to change.

The results are worth a read and has me seriously considering picking up that 12.9-inch iPad Pro I've always wanted.

Now if only we could know for sure whether the damned thing is going to get a refresh soon. I'm not buying now only to find out a Face ID-equipped, bezel-free monster is around the corner!

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