More iOS photo fun

I just can't stop messing around with Pixelmator on iPad and Exposure on iPhone.


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Some great photos for your delectation

My newfound obsession with photography had be flicking through various threads on a few forums that I frequent and in the process I came across some really impressive images and I thought someone might be interested in checking them out.

I've not checked the EXIF data, but I've a sneaky suspicion these weren't taken with an iPhone 4.

Each image is clickable and will take you to the full resolution version. Please do click through to see some of the brilliant work these guys are capable of.


Dubai Marina

Fog shrouded hill



The iPhone 4 camera was awesome

This is still my favourite photo taken with an iPhone, bar any with my kids in.

iPhone 4. December 2010.


It might not have all the pixels of an iPhone 6 or one of those ridiculous Nokias, but it still looks pretty.

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Project 365

Some people may remember me having a go at the Project 365....project.... a couple of years ago. That ultimately died after I hosed the site that I was hosting the images on. This time, everything is safe and sound on Webfaction, so not only will it load properly this year, but I shouldn't be able to break it so badly, either.

For the initiated, and according to TNW,

Simply put, Project 365 is committing to taking one photo a day for a year. Whether you’re using a fancy DSLR, or simply using your phone, there is no wrong or right way to put together your own Project 365.

Simple enough. Head on over to for the first two in my series.


This is precisely what's wrong with Samsung

Samsung ditching its most premium-looking and feeling phone in favour of more mid-range anonymity is exactly what is wrong with the company.

Samsung set to discontinue Galaxy Alpha in favor of cheaper phones.

Production of the metal Alpha will reportedly end when the current inventory of materials runs out

The Verge

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