TidBITS on Apple's removal of apps from the affiliate program

In the end, I’m disappointed in Apple. Not surprised, since Apple has never acknowledged that the media plays a vital role in the broader Apple ecosystem, but disappointed that a company that puts so much effort into bringing joy to users can simultaneously behave so callously to some of its greatest supporters.

Nailed it.

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Apps are being pulled from the iTunes affiliate program

Eli Hodapp for Touch Arcade.

Moments ago, Apple announced that they’re killing the affiliate program, citing the improved discovery offered by the new App Store. (Music, books, movies, and TV remain.) It’s hard to read this in any other way than “We went from seeing a microscopic amount of value in third party editorial to, we now see no value." I genuinely have no idea what TouchArcade is going to do.

Well this sucks. Apple killing the iTunes affiliate program for apps and in-app purchases is the kind of thing where I see now up side for the company. Apple claims that its new App Store editorial stuff will pick up the slack. Unless there's a website I'm missing somewhere, that's just not true. Indy developers should be as cheesed off as writers are, too. App discovery is bad enough as it is without Apple removing the places many go to do exactly that - discover new apps and games.

Hopefully this isn't the end of the world sone are predicting. I'm not convinced.

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My Touch Arcade debut

This is my first, hopefully of many, post over on Touch Arcade. I didn't originally intend that first post to be a review but here it is. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Oh, and Pocket City is pretty amazing. You should check it out.


Using an iPad for "real" work

This is something that I feel like I have managed to run both hot and cold on over the past few years and I too spent some time using an iPad as my sole machine. These days I'm all about the MacBook Pro and 27-inch 4K monitor so I am just not sure I could go iPad full time, but the apps and ecossytem sure make me want to try it again. Being able to use apps like 1Writer - Markdown Text Editor and Drafts 5 full time sound amazing.

Matt's been doing exactly that.

Can I let you in on a little secret? When it comes to “iPads can do real work,” I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I have been using an iPad for 99% of my website and design work at home (including the redesign of this website a few months ago), I have been working on a Dell laptop at my 9-5 job. In the past week, that’s starting to change.

The results are worth a read and has me seriously considering picking up that 12.9-inch iPad Pro I've always wanted.

Now if only we could know for sure whether the damned thing is going to get a refresh soon. I'm not buying now only to find out a Face ID-equipped, bezel-free monster is around the corner!

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Analog(ue) #136 - I Don’t Take Time Off

I’m only a few minutes into this, but the thought of almost 70 minutes during which Stephen Hacket and Casey Liss “discuss the start of indie life and how it evolves over the years” is something I’m keen to listen to.

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