How to convert Markdown to HTML and publish to Wordpress with 3 keystrokes

A few days ago I linked to a post by Logan Braman promising an update on how he managed to convert a Markdown formatted blog post into HTML and publish it to Wordpress with a few keystrokes. That post update is now live.

As promised, today I’m writing about how to post Markdown text from your favorite text editor in OS X to WordPress automatically with just three keyboard shortcuts (you also have to write the title of the post and press one button in the process, but that makes it sound less awesome).

Essentially, the extremely comprehensive post explains how to use Automator to, well, automate the sending of an HTML email to the WP back-end. It sounds like it works well, and I'll be setting it up myself when I get a spare half an hour.

I know a few people were interested in the outcome of this, so here you go.

[Logan Braman - Markdown to HTML to WordPress automatically with Automator][]

[Logan Braman - Markdown to HTML to WordPress automatically with Automator]:

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