Freelance - four months later

Time flies.

It's been almost four months since I posted about going freelance, and it's been four months in which a lot has changed.

Working as a freelance writer has a lot going for it, but it's not all lattes in the local coffee shop and brunches over a notebook. There's plenty of work to do — if you're lucky, and long may it continue — and for the most part, if you don't do it, you don't get paid. That's pretty obvious, but when the amount you invoice for at the end of the month is directly related to the work you did in the four weeks prior, it has a habit of focussing the mind. That's before you take into account the fact you don't get paid annual leave anymore. Or sick leave.

But then, you don't need to go through four different layers of management to get a day off, either. Nor do you need to make sure the calendar lines up with two other people to be able to take an hour to go to an appointment or, like I will this year for the first time ever, see the kids in their nativity plays. There's a flexibility that only working for yourself can offer, and four months in, I can't imagine working in an office. It feels like a lifetime ago, and that's a great feeling to have.

So far, as of the beginning of December 2018, I can honestly say that leaving a relatively stable "normal" job to set out on my own was the best career move I've ever made, both financially and for my quality of life. I wish I'd done it years ago, and I can't thank the folks at 1Password, Redmond Pie, How-to Geek, TouchArcade, and anyone I'm forgetting, enough for making this possible.