Did you know Apple will give you a Lightning cable for £8?

Am I the only one that didn't realise that Apple would exchange any knock-off Lightning cable for a real one if you pay £8?


I've got two or three that haven't worked since iOS 7, and I'm not paying £15 to replace each one. £8 is a bit more realistic, though. Might wander in with a few and see what the state of play is.

Has anyone taken advantage of this yet?


@theiBlog Yes, but you can only get one for each iOS device you own. If you want to change 3, then, you'll need to take in 3 devices.

— Killian Bell (@killianbell) October 3, 2013

Cheers Killian.

Update 2

So it turns out that this wasn't as clear as we firs thought. Apple will exchange 3rd-party USB plug adapters, but NOT Lightning cables.



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