Video tutorials for making coffee. Really.

I'm a fan of a decent cup of coffee, that's for sure. We've got a coffee maker in our kitchen and while it's no £600 monster, I'd argue it kicks out a nice cup of coffee without making the entire process into a song and dance. And that's the point.

I've stumbled across a few people who seem to be under the impression that unless you spend 10 minutes making a coffee, then it's no good. Maybe I'm missing the point, but whenever I've tried something made in an Aeropress or stupendously expensive machine, I've never been impressed.

Maybe I just drink too much coffee, too quickly, to appreciate it. Or maybe I don't want to spend 10 minutes making something that I'll drink in 3 minutes.

Either way, there are some surprisingly interesting videos to be found over at Mistobox and if you're into that kind of thing, you'll probably enjoy them. I've embedded the Aeropress one at the top of this post.