Chinese supercomputer to take the crown as the world's fastest

Yeah, but can it play Crysis 3?

The speed is remarkable partly because the Intel-based Tianhe-2 (also known as Milkyway-2) wasn't even running at full capacity during testing. A five-hour Linpack test using 14,336 out of 16,000 compute nodes, or 90 percent of the machine, clocked in at the aforementioned 30.65 petaflops. (A petaflop is one quadrillion floating point operations per second, or a million billion.) Linpack benchmarks are used to rank the Top 500 supercomputers in the world. The Top 500 list's current champion is Titan, a US system that hit 17.59 petaflops. Tianhe-2 achieved 1.935 gigaflops per watt, which is slightly less efficient than Titan's 2.143 gigaflops per watt.

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