Tests show just what the iPad Air 2’s extra RAM can do.

It's far from scientific, but...

To see how things have changed, we rebooted an iPad Air and an iPad Air 2, and then loaded monster memory hog XCOM: Enemy Unknown. We then started opening and using apps to see how much we could get done before iOS forcibly removed XCOM from memory.

If you ever wondered why everyone is clamouring for Apple's iOS hardware to get more RAM, this is why.

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Apple's new Retina iMac or the Mac Pro?

iMac Retina

With Apple's new iMac with Retina, lots of people are going to be left trying to decide between that 5K screen and a Mac Pro. Thankfully the new iMacs also come with some impressive innards too, and when you factor in the price difference and the fact one already includes s screen, things start to get interesting.

One of the reasons people used to buy Mac Pros was their expandability. The current models don't have that benefit, making the decision between iMac and Mac Pro an even closer call.

I'm clearly not alone in thinking that the iMac might eat the Mac Pro's lunch either.

With my recommended midrange configurations for each, the iMac certainly isn’t cheap, but it has a clear price advantage over the Mac Pro, especially since it includes its own display:

  • Retina iMac with 4 GHz, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, M295X: $3500

  • Mac Pro with 6-core, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, D500: $4300

If Marco might dump his beloved Mac Pro, anything's possible.

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Amazon to offer same-day in-store collections in the UK - inc. Sundays!

Well then, that changes everything.

In a bid to deal another blow to bricks-and-mortar stores in the UK, Amazon is branching out into same-day deliveries. It's teamed up with newspaper distributor Connect Group to launch "Pass My Parcel," which will ensure packages are sent free to local shops and high street stores across Britain within 12 hours, if you have a Prime subscription (£4.99 for non-members

My Amazon Prime subscription is getting better and better.


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Video poker bug netted gamblers over half a million dollars until they got caught


Surely the Holy Grail of slot machines is finding a bug that lets you win at will. Two guys found that bug and got caught.

The evidence was mounting that Kane had found something unthinkable: the kind of thing gamblers dream of, casinos dread, and Nevada regulators have an entire auditing regime to prevent. He'd found a bug in the most popular video slot in Las Vegas.

I can't help but wonder what would have happened if they hadn't been so greedy. ⌘ Wired


Alien Isolation looks awesome in super duper HD

It's probably relatively safe to say that this is the best looking game I've seen in a long while, if not ever.

Be sure to whack the quality settings as far up as your display will allow.

Courtesy of @robbiekhan